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I obtained this information from the organisation’s website straight after seeing one of their social media adverts for their inaugural Polo Day event in support of The Nelson Mandela Foundation. Polo? Check! Luxury? Check! Fashion? Check! Supercars? Check! Check! Check!

The inaugural edition of this event will showcase top international polo players from across Africa going head to head in an exhilarating match of polo. Each year, the event will strive to showcase the different up and coming teams from the region, championing the rapidly growing sport in Africa and providing a platform for young and emerging African talent to compete on prestigious, British ground.” 

The fact it was going to be held at the nearby Ham Polo Club, a club I’m quite familiar with meant you would have had to twist my arm not to go. I duly fired off an email to them and explained who I was and what I did. They then verified this website and promised to send me a media pass for the event. Good.

The email containing the media pack arrived one day before the event and the following activities were listed on the event programme:

12:00 welcome + speeches from stage (15 min) Platinum canapés served.
12:30 African Beats on stage in garden (1 hour set) 13:30 Platinum main course bowl food to be served 13:45 Yoko London fashion show to commence 14:20 Announcement: fashion judging to commence 14:30 Polo commences – 4 Chukkas.
15:00 Divot Stomping Super cars on the field (!!!).


African Beats on stage (15:00 – 15:30) Platinum grazing tables to open.
15:30 Polo game to commence.
16:00 Polo game to conclude Champagne O’Clock (16:00 – 17:00).
Platinum desert to be served 16:20 Prize Giving + Best Dressed.
16:40 Performing Artists.
17:00 Platinum grazing tables to close.
17:30 African sunset session (DJ performance to end at 18:30).
18:30 Guests depart.

It promised to be a most interesting day! ‘Divot Stomping Supercars on the field’? That sounded like a most unusual use of a supercar.

I was even more intrigued.

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