Waiting for the unveiling of the beast


Jeeeeez!!!! **!!!£$%^&*&%$£!!!!!!!!**£$rewth!!!


Sorry for the colorful language. Not really my fault if I’m honest. You see, I’ve been driving  a contemporary 911 (991.1)  GT3 for the first time, hence all the expletives.

Here are the technical highlights of this ‘fanbl**dytastic’ car.

A new (at the time)  direct injection 3.8-litre flat six pumping out 475bhp at 8250rpm, and redlined at a screaming 9000rpm! Porsche figures are usually conservative so it is safe to say this is a near- 500bhp car.

0-60 is a storming 3.5sec and its top speed is just below the magic 200, at 196mph. Again this 3.5 second figure is conservative. Many independent tests have proved that the car is actually faster than this. This is supercar stuff.

A bona fide Supercar