The National Motor Museum.

1,620 Porsches. I repeat: one thousand, six hundred and twenty Porsches in one place. This easily smashed Beaulieu’s Simply Porsche event’s previous record of 1,003 Porsches set last year.  This yearly event is held in association with The Independent Porsche Enthusiasts’ Club and there were models from every era of this most revered marque’s sports car production history. There were cars from the 50’s right up to the latest 2018 911 (991.2) GT3’s and GT3 RS’s.

There was something for fans of every era and type of Porsche. And Porsche fans are a diverse lot! There are the Porsche fans who would not touch the newer models and who do not think the water-cooled models are ‘real’ Porsches. There are those fans who regard every classic Porsche as a blank canvas on which to express their creativity. Originality? whats that? These are the ‘Outlaws’, a now fully embraced subculture in the Porsche community. There are  also the ‘new’ Porsche fans, they prefer the newer stuff. Then there are Porsche fans like myself, I like everything Porsche…well, except maybe the Cayenne.

Notable Porsches on this page:

A couple of Cayman GT4’s, a 911 (991.2) GT3, a 911 (997.2) GT3, a coupe of ‘G’ series 911’s and a couple of 356’s.


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