Last Sunday (the 20th of August), I joined Porsche Club GB for their annual breakfast meeting and Social Sunday Open Day. This started at the historic and idyllic Prescott Hill near Gothering.  Porsche Club members and their guests would meet here between 9 and 12 and then join a drive through some very scenic routes to the Clubhouse nearby. Prescott Hill is the site of the world famous Prescott Hill speed climb ( ) and is owned by the Bugatti Owner’s club. From the Prescott Hill Speed Climbs website: “the Bugatti Owner’s Club, which was formed in 1929, had been running hillclimbs on various dusty loose-surfaced courses in the south of England since 1931. It was about 1936 when the committee moved that the Club really needed to have its own course – the objections of local residents to the existing venues were getting stronger all the time, it seemed that the ‘unique sounds’ of un-silenced Bugatti’s on a Summer’s afternoon, was not what local residents wanted!

A couple of venues were considered, but dismissed for various reasons; the majority were to do with local objection. But, in 1937, via the inspiration of a few Vintage Sports Car Club and Bugatti Owner’s Club members, the magnificent Prescott House and Estate was acquired for the purpose of creating a permanent hillclimb course, it was acquired by the BOC but giving the VSCC the rights to run one completely independent event a year, which they have done every year to date.
Prescott is in the mid-west area of England, in the beautiful ‘Cotswold Hills’, just north of the historic city of Cheltenham, and about 100 miles North West of London.
The original [‘short’] course was 880 yards, still used today by the VSCC, but the 1127 yards ‘long’ course, introduced in 1960, is the one used now for all other events.”

Just one of the many stunning Porsches on display at Prescott Hill.