I spent Sunday morning having coffee and cakes at JZM Porsche in Kings Langley, (while chewing the fat with fellow enthusiasts) just off junction 20 of the M25. JZM are independent Porsche specialists and there were quite a few stunning examples of the marque on display.

The star of the show. The Outrageous Carrera GT

The star of the morning was undoubtedly this car, The Porsche Carrera GT, which was launched in 2003 with an all-carbonfibre body, a 604bhp , 5.7-litre V10 engine and top speed on the far side of 200mph. It was priced at £330,000 at the time. This one is priced at £569,000 which is actually good value if you compare its price to the current price of its competitors at the time.

The Porsche Carrera GT

For some, the CGT is the greatest Porsche of all-time and I must say, this particular example is immaculate which should be expected of a car of this nature, and from this Porsche specialist.

Then there were the other less exotic but no less special versions of various generations of the Porsche 911, such as the GT3 RS below.

911 GT3 RS

The RS version of the 911 GT3 now costs, wait for it, nearly twice what the original owner paid for it 2 years ago!

There were also quite a few older or classic 911’s such as the immaculate blue example below.

993 911 Carrera