The last ‘Scramble’ of the year.

October’s Sunday Scramble will be the last scramble of 2018, the next one is in Jan 2019. There were close to 5,500 guests at this one  and some truly stunning, historic and rare cars, from the newest ‘Daddy’ of all 911’s, the mighty 911 GT2 RS to a stunning original pre-war Rolls-Royce Phantom I and everything in between. 

This was the biggest October Scramble in the event’s history.


These are some of the cars in the gallery above:

Porsche 911 (991.2) GT3 RS  ‘Green Lizard’.

Several ‘G’ Series 911s.

Porsche 944 S.

Porsche 911 (991.1) GT3.

Porsche Panamera SportTurismo.

Porsche 911 (996) GT2.

Porsche 911 (997.1) GT3 RS.

Porsche 911 (997.1) GT3

Original Mini Cooper.

Mercedes 280 SL.

BMW M3 (E30) Sport Evolution (sigh).

Alpina B12 5.0



These are some of the cars in the gallery above:

Jaguar E-Type Coupe.

TVR 350C.

Aston Martin Vantage (several).

Porsche 911 2.7 RS.

Chevrolet Chevelle SS.

2 x Ford Mustang Shelby GT500!!!

Aston Martin DB 9 Volante.

Aston Martin Vantage V12 Volante.

Aston Martin Vantage V12.

A glorious Aston Martin DB5.

2 x Ferrari 328.

Hope you have enjoyed these pictures.

Till the next time.

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