The day after the ‘Race Day’ before.

In loving memory, Mum.

I went out for a ‘recovery’ and ‘Go-Pro’ ride (video coming soon) early Monday. It would be my last ride in Cape Town till 2019 and it was a last chance to take in the jaw-dropping sights and enjoy the ride before packing up and heading back to reality. Riding in Cape Town IS one of life’s pleasures.

As I got back to the hotel, I saw many, many, missed calls on my phone from Lagos and knew something was seriously wrong. I did not want to call back as I was fearing the worst.15 minutes passed before I could summon the courage to call back and had my worst fears confirmed. My mum had passed away peacefully. It was a hammer blow and I really do not know how I managed to finish packing and head to the airport to catch my flight back to London.


The London Cycling Buddies. Cycology Riding Club, Lagos.

One thing I’ve discovered since taking up cycling properly is the unspoken and unseen bond between cyclists. I’ve mentioned this before and many events and incidents since I last mentioned this has reaffirmed my belief that this bond most definitely exists. In the week that followed the news of my mum’s passing, I got calls and messages of support from cyclist friends all over the world. In fact, one cyclist who has never called me before, called me from Turkey. In that same week two separate collections were organised for my family and quite a few members of the Cycology club were also present on both days of the funeral events.

I cannot thank all of them enough. I would love to mention names here but I have to respect their privacy so I will just use their monikers (where possible) instead.

Our CS. Our GS, Our Elder, YOO, MG, The Doc, The American Doc, Abi 105.5, TP, GO, GD, FT and his Sister, ‘Boboyi’, Kay Baba, Wingman, Chidstar, the Williams brothers, The Potential and more.

Till the next time.