At the top of the mountain, I met some  bikers from the Arabian Oryx Chapter, a motorbike club based in Dubai. They all ride American motorcycles (I saw only Harley Davidsons) they regularly ride through the winding trails of the Hatta Mountains, the Peninsular of the Musandam or the Omani Fjords of the Middle East. A very friendly group. You meet the best, most interesting people in the weirdest places.

They also dressed me up and made me take this picture while holding a jacket patch that said “VAGINATARIAN”. Sigh.

I flew all the way to the UAE to drive on this road (and watch the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix) and the experience exceeded my expectations by a significant margin. I was asked numerous times by various people: “Why are you in Dubai?” They always found my answer incredulous:

“To drive on Jais mountain”.

Merry Christmas.

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